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8.5.07 17:08

Mumbai: Actress Vidya Balan's found a new hobby: telling tales to kids. We caught the actress recording short stories for children as part of the audio book series created by Karadi Tales.


Narrating children's stories had Vidya going down memory lane. "My father used to narrate a lot of stories and we used to torture him to tell us the crow story,” she says.


And no prizes for guessing what her favourite story is. "The crow story. It’s a very intelligent crow and the crow puts pebbles in the pot. As you can see I cannot narrate a tale properly without a script,” she says.


Besides Vidya, the series called Will you read with me has the likes of actors Sanjay Dutt, Naseerudin Shah and lyricist Gulzar turning into storytellers.


"This is a set of stories where you have somebody who the child holds in great esteem,” said director of Karadi Tales, Shobha Vishwanath.


And with Shahrukh Khan all set to tell tales for Karadi next, the kids should have no problem getting back to those books.

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